We have decided that we are not going to charge any rent to live in Cottage Grove through the end of 2017.  The only cost to live in our town will be that which is owed to Portalarium in taxes.  So, if you bring a tax-free deed and want to live in Cottage Grove we will make room for you.  If you want us to supply a deed and home we will charge only the amount that Portalarium requires us to pay them for the deed we are supplying for your use.  For more information contact Jade or Onyx in game.

After much discussion we have decided what we will be charging to rent property in Cottage Grove after the final wipe. The final wipe will be on July 28, 2016 and in-game lot selection will begin directly after that.  We will not be renting any lots until approximately August 28 so that everyone will have had an opportunity to place a lot in NPC and/or Player Run Towns.  For those that are interested our rates are now posted on the Cottage Grove Sales and Rentals website (link to the left of this column.)  Although the home rentals page is up we do not know as yet if we are going to be able to rent homes, or if we must sell them.  That will depend on future information from Portalarium.  At this time it does appear that we will be able to rent homes if we also rent a deed along with the lot.  Prices to be determined.  Thank you all for your interest in Cottage Grove.  We expect to provide a comfortable and lively place for our friends to reside in Shroud of the Avatar.

We have a complete set of expert crafting tables available for use by all guild members and residents of Cottage Grove directly under the air-ship in the center of town.  There is also a vendor just outside the crafting center that has all of the supplies that any serious crafter may need.  Enjoy!

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